SwiftFuel an Alternative to Gasoline

SwiftFuel an Alternative to Gasoline
Swift Enterprises Co-Founders Mary and John Rusek conduct research on SwiftFuel.

PBS has an article by Bob Cringely about the best route to end our dependence on oil and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Instead of replacing all our expensive cars with even more expensive hybrids or electric cars, his suggestion is to use a cheap drop-in replacement for gasoline called Swift Fuel. It is derived from Ethanol, but doesn’t require any modification to older cars to prevent corrosion. It can be mixed with gasoline in any amount and can even be distributed using the same network as gasoline, including being pumped in the same pipes and shipped in the same trucks. It is truly a drop-in replacement for gas, and it is real. It is being tested by the FAA for certification in propeller aircraft. It also happens to be about $2 a gallon cheaper than gasoline.

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Stink Bomb Gas To Give Stroke Victims New Hope


The Original Throw N Hurl Toy

The gas that provides millions of schoolchildren with hours of fun and gives stink bombs their revolting smell could soon provide doctors with new treatments for conditions ranging from strokes to chronic arthritis.

Some researchers are even trying to use hydrogen sulphide – the source of rotten eggs’ unpleasant odour – to put patients with strokes or serious injuries into a form of suspended animation to help them survive severe traumas. This research is now being backed by the US military, who believe it could help their surgeons cope with injuries suffered by soldiers in battle.

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SuperCar Hybrid Races Past Prius and Corvette


There’s a car that’s not slated for release until 2009 or 2010. It makes some wild claims. And no one in the media has driven it yet (since it’s still in production). But with those caveats in mind, continue on to drop your jaw at Hybrid Technologies’ upcoming still-nameless supercar.

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Frog Design Digital Escape, The Virtual Reality Mask With Smells


Menacing and Smelly


Someone at famed design firm Frog Design must have been having a bad day when this Digital Escape design was conceived. Don’t like your world? Strap on this “lifestyle product of the future” and transport yourself to a different dimension with your own sights, sounds, smells, and air quality – the rest of the planet be damned!

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