The Genetically Engineered Malaria-Proof Mosquito

GM Mosquito 543
The scientists tagged the gene with a fluorescent marker to ensure it had been inserted.
Scientists in the US have succeeded in genetically engineering a malaria-resistant mosquito.

The researchers, from the University of Arizona, introduced a gene that affected the insect’s gut, meaning the malaria parasite could not develop.

They report the advance, which also reduced the insects’ lifespan, in the journal PLoS Pathogens.

They say that the ultimate goal is to introduce malaria-resistant mosquitoes into the environment…

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Monsanto Takes Fight To Control Your Food To Supreme Court

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The battle over the non-regulated status of genetically modified crops has reached the US Supreme Court. Monsanto has, not surprisingly, appealed a lower court decision that halted the continued unregulated release and planting of the agrifood giant’s Roundup Ready Alfalfa.

Background and implications of the case, after the jump…

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7 Foods Banned in Europe Still Available in the U.S.


So much for Organic food!

How many times do you hear people say: “Well, it must be safe because the government allows it?” But can you rely on that? Maybe a look as some of the foods and food practices which are permitted in the U.S. and banned in Europe could shed light on how governments judge safety in the food chain.

Here’s 7 food related points ponder. Some are certainly a lot more potentially damaging or unsafe than others…

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A Glowing Protein Shows How We Make Memories

A Glowing Protein Shows How We Make Memories

A new strain of genetically engineered mice has allowed researchers to pinpoint, for the first time, the precise cellular connections that form as a memory is created. By tracing a protein tagged to glow fluorescent green as it migrates through individual neurons, from the cell body out through the branching dendrites, the researchers could see exactly which synapses–connections to other neurons–were involved when the mice learned to fear an electric shock.

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