Stunning Photos of the Vanishing Himilayan Glaciers


Then and now photos of the melting Himilayan glaciers.

In an effort to raise awareness of vanishing glaciers, filmmaker and mountaineer David Breashears began a project called Rivers of Ice: Vanishing Glaciers of the Great Himalaya. Breashears, inspired the the beauty of the Himalayas captured in photographs taken in the last century, has traveled to the sites where those pictures were taken to see what has changed. The diagnosis, shown in the series of photographs that makes up the Rivers of Ice project, is not good. (Pics)


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Caves Suggest Climate Change Stranger Than We Thought


Encrusted stalactites at present sea level, Vallgornera Cave, Spain.

Most scientists believe that ocean levels dropped for the past 100,000 years as Earth cooled, but a new study of these stalactites in ancient undersea caves suggests otherwise. Today’s temperatures are similar to Earth’s 81,000 years ago.


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