Microsoft Develops 3D Without the Glasses


Microsoft’s 3-D screen can project multiple images simultaneously.

Today’s 3-D movies are far more spectacular than the first ones screened more than 50 years ago, but watching them–both at the movie theater and at home–still means donning a pair of dorky, oversized glasses. Now a new type of lens developed by researchers in Microsoft’s Applied Sciences Group could help make glasses-free 3-D displays more practical.


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3DS: Nintendo Announces Portable 3D Gaming Device


BIG NEWS in the gaming world!

Big news from the Japanese video game world today: Nintendo announced they will launch a successor to the DS/DSi for the next fiscal year (which begins next month in Japan and ends in March 2011). And what sounds particularly cool so far about the Nintendo 3DS is that the new portable device won’t require any special glasses for users to see the 3D images, according to Nintendo.

Details are scarce at the moment (no price, no specs, no pics), but what’s confirmed so far is that “3DS” is just the tentative name of the device. It will be backwards compatible to conventional DS/DSi games (meaning it will have 2 cameras again) and is sure to hit Japanese stores first.

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Tele Scouter Translation Glasses


Tele Scouter

Most eyewear improves vision or cuts through solar glare, but a new gadget from Japan may soon sharpen linguistic skills and cut down language barriers instead, inventors said.  High-tech company NEC has come up with a device that it says will allow users to communicate with people of different languages.

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Mobile Video Glasses for Your iPhone

Clear Vu 763

Optinvent CEO Kayvan Mirza wearing a prototype of the “Clear Vu”

Optinvent S.A., a France-based venture firm, revealed that it is developing the “Clear Vu,” a goggle-type head mounted display (HMD) that can be manufactured at a lower cost than existing products.

The Clear Vu is an optical transmission type HMD, which is based on plano glasses and casts an image from a microdisplay in the wearer’s vision. A Japanese maker will manufacture the HMD, which is scheduled for release at the end of 2010.
In the past, the video transmission type, which completely cuts off the wearer’s view and shows images from a video camera, was mainstream. However, in recent years, many manufacturers including Konica Minolta Holdings Inc, Olympus Corp and Sony Corp are developing optical transmission type HMDs.
Optinvent defines the Clear Vu as a “portable large-size display,” said Kayvan Mirza, CEO of the company. The optical transmission type was chosen because it enables to develop a small, light-weight and low-cost HMD and to view surroundings and images at the same time.
“When connected to a video-enabled mobile device like the iPhone, the Clear Vu makes it possible to watch movies and TV programs, play 3D games and use navigation on a large screen,” he said.
With a device that can determine the actual location by using a GPS or a magnetic field sensor, the HMD can be used as a monitor-based augmented reality (AR) system, Mirza said. The HMD’s horizontal angle of view, which indicates the size of a superimposed image, is 35°, which is equivalent to the size of a 71-inch TV placed 2.5m away.
“The Clear Vu must have a wider horizontal angle of view than any other optical transmission type HMDs including those currently being developed,” Mirza said.
Lens part costs few dollars
The production cost of the Clear Vu is much less than those of other companies’ HMDs, Mirza said.
Optinvent’s optical transmission type HMD is a “reflective type.” Specifically, one side of its lens is cut to have a saw-toothed surface, where reflection coating is formed seemingly by aluminum evaporation.
Images are sent to the rim of the lens from the microdisplay via a collimator lens. Then, the reflection coating sends the images to the eye.
The lens is made of plastic and can be mass-produced by injection molding. Therefore, the cost can be lowered to several US dollars per lens, and the HMD can be priced at less than $200, Mirza said.
Optinvent was spun off from Thomson S.A. (former Thomson Multimedia) of France when Thomson temporarily withdrew from consumer product business. Optinvent is now developing flat panels and small projectors in addition to the HMD.

The Clear Vu is an optical transmission type HMD, which is based on plano glasses and casts an image from a microdisplay in the wearer’s vision. A Japanese maker will manufacture the HMD, which is scheduled for release at the end of 2010.

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Two Near Future Augmented Reality Technologies That Could Change The World

Two Near Future Augmented Reality Technologies

From Diesel’s “Liquid Space” fashion show

Augmented reality is a technology futurists and scifi authors like Vernor Vinge have been talking about for decades. Now the tech has matured and is entering the market. Two videos of new products show you the near future. (Videos after the jump)

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Gorilla-Viewing Glasses Prevent Eye-Contact


No. I am NOT looking a you…

The Rotterdam Zoo is giving away cardboard glasses that make it appear that you’re looking off to one side; these are gorilla-viewing glasses, meant to avoid incidents in which gorillas attack visitors for making eye contact with them. The glasses’ introduction follows an attack on a woman by an escaped gorilla…

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X-Ray Glasses Are Here


For all those closet peeping toms out there

Remember those ads in the back of comic books with the crazy X-ray glasses? You know… they had plastic frames and cardboard eye-covers with holes in them (presumably so you wouldn’t face-plant while walking); and the cardboard had these wild spirals on them…

And they never worked. Ever. How many of us were suckered in by the lure of seeing through a girl’s shirt? Not that we really would’ve known what we were looking at, but still… it was taboo. And so we bought these pieces of trash and… nothing. Very disappointing.

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Augmented Reality Toy Concept

Augmented Reality Toy Concept 

 Keep old toys living in a new environment.

In the ongoing economic recession, when you have no guarantee of how long your job’s intact, the very last thing that you want is extra expenditure. But with kids at home, it is probably impossible to avert. His demand for a new toy is probably sending you wild I see, and you are looking for a solution. Perhaps it’s here, a solution that integrates virtual reality with tangible toys. Called the Augmented Reality, the toy concept by Frantz Lasome, with a pair of head-mounted glasses embedded with Augmented Reality Tangible User Interface (AR TUI), allows the kid’s to use their old toys as game pieces and weapons in a virtually created environment.

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Silver Glasses For The World’s Poor

Silver Glasses For The World’s Poor 

We revere Santa Claus as our mysterious giver of gifts, but the rest of the world may reserve that spot for Josh Silver. Professor Joshua Silver, to be specific – a retired physics teacher at Oxford University who has developed “Silver Glasses,” which are tunable spectacles that need no optometrist to adjust. That’s because the glasses have syringes filled with silicone liquid connected to each lens, and the wearer only has to inject or suck out the fluid until the view through the lenses looks right.

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Great New Glasses


Dog Peeing “Moist and Merry”

The “Moist and Merry” Series of drinking glasses, launched by the merriful Germany-based Donkey Products design company, are artistic as well as funny. Each clever line-drawn design will hit the funny bone of someone you know, which is why the “Moist and Merry” group makes such great glasses to delight your guests!

Here you have the Peeing Dog glass.

See more interesting glasses!

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