Schwinn Tailwind eBike


You better win in Vegas to purchase this ride

We still have smiles on our faces after taking this $3199 Schwinn Tailwind electric bike for a spin inside the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. We started pedaling and the power kicked in, and we chose the fastest setting, reminding us that the name Tailwind is perfect. It’s fast, fun and we all give it a big thumbs up.

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Glow Light For Your Bike


Glow Light For Your Bike To Give You Overall Protection

 These Down Low Glow light bars for your bike are one wheel hydraulics system away from true low rider status, but that’s not actually their true purpose. While at first glance they may appear to be the epitome of bicycle tchotchke, the manufacturer lays out a somewhat convincing case as to why riders should invest $110 to trick out their Trek.


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Rug Glows with Each Step


It only makes sense: a rug that lights up when you walk on it. They call it Footlume.

“The glow that the rug emits is very soft,” said co-inventor Leona Dean, of London South Bank University, who also noted the innovation’s party applications, “It can provide ambient mood lighting or flash in time to music as a talking point at a party.”

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