Poor Little Fishbowl Sink Persuades Consumers to Save Water


“Poor Little Fishbowl Sink”

London-based Chinese designer/engineer Yan Lu plays  a similar kind of visual feedback to try and provoke more environmentally friendly behavior with the “Poor Little Fishbowl Sink”.  The result is both clever and funny and a bit frightening.

Scientists Create Translucent Goldfish


Japanese researchers have produced a new species of goldfish with see-through skin. You can see the fish’s beating heart, brain, and other internal organs, right through its invisible scales. And that’s precisely the point–the scientists created the fish to eliminate the need for dissections, which are getting ever more controversial in Japan. Here’s how they did it. (Pics and video)

Scientists Determine That Goldfish Can Feel Pain

Scientists Determine That Goldfish Can Feel Pain

It is a question that has puzzled scientists – and anglers – for generations, but now a team of researchers claims to have demonstrated that fish do feel pain.  

Whilst the creatures can clearly be seen to react to a jab or blow, experts have disagreed over whether the reaction indicates a sensation of pain, or is little more than a basic reflex.

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