Intelligent Cars Fitted With Black Boxes Will Report Accidents to Police and Insurance Companies


An electrical car with Intel Connected Car applications.

Intelligent cars fitted with aircraft-style black boxes that can send video footage and information about driving behaviour during accidents to the police and insurance companies are being developed by computer scientists.  The car, which is being developed by researchers at computer chip giant Intel, will record information about the vehicle speed, steering and braking along with video footage from inside and outside the vehicle.

B-cycle: Bike Sharing System Equipped with Computers to Monitor Personal Fitness


First B-cycle installation in Denver

B-cycle is helping Denver residents increase daily activity and reduce carbon emissions with the country’s first citywide bike-sharing system, Denver B-cycle. On April 22, the program launched with 500 B-cycles at 50 B-stations around the city, offering a green alternative to cars for short commutes and errands.


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Women are Better Navigators Than Men According to Researchers

man driving

Women are good at recalling routes.

Men might be good at reading maps, but when it comes to recalling routes, it’s the ladies who walk away with crown, according to a new study.  According to the research, women can be better navigators than men if they have visited a place before.

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Brain-Cooling Motorcycle Helmet Could Save Thousands of Lives

helmet brain cooler 4132
The brain cooling helmet.

An extraordinary new ‘brain-cooling’ motorcycle helmet could save thousands of lives each year.

Called the ThermaHelm, the incredible piece of equipment comes with an inbuilt device that acts like an instant ice pack after a sudden impact.

By cooling the brain it is thought the carbon fibre helmet can reduce the risk of long-term brain damage and save lives.

Charging Your iPhone With Pedal Power


BioLogic FreeCharge

Apple devices are getting quite a bit of attention when it comes to renewable energy lately. Just yesterday we showed you the new solar power skin that is coming out later this month. But if you’re needing a charge on a cloudy day, there’s a solution coming out in a few months – you’ll be able to hook your phone up to your bike and pedal your way to a full battery.

Google Now Crowdsourcing Traffic To Make Your Commute Less Miserable


Google Maps crowdsources traffic

When used on phones with GPS (including the Pre and MyTouch 3G, though not the iPhone), Google Maps crowdsources huge batches of data on how fast you’re travelling on a particular street, thus measuring traffic for fellow drivers.


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Smartphones To Text Obese Kids Thin

Cell Phones To Text Obese Kids Thin

Doctors are using mobile technology to detect lethargy in overweight teenagers, and prompt them to exercise

Technology gets the blame for a lot of health problems: cars make you lazy, video games make you violent and MP3 players make you deaf. Now researchers at the University of Southern California are hoping to prove that mobile phones, at least, can have a positive effect. They plan to connect 50 obese teenagers to a battery of sensors and use mobiles to text the kids thin.

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Homing Pigeons Have Built In “GPS”

Homing Pigeons Have Built In “GPS”

Homing pigeons use the Earth’s magnetic field 

Homing pigeons have built in ‘satnav’ that uses Earth’s magnetic field to pinpoint position and help them find their way home, according to a study.  Scientists have suspected for years that birds possess the ability to use the Earth’s magnetic field for their navigation, although it has never been proved beyond doubt.

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Ecco GPS Keychain Stops Loss


If you are the sort of person who constantly loses things, like your car (I have done this a few times in large car parks), then you might need one of these Ecco GPS Keychains.

The Ecco GPS Keychain can be programmed with up to 3 different locations at a time, so when you leave your car just set it up and you will easily be able to find your way back to it.

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Coming Soon – GPS System Failure


Whats going to happen when the GPS system crashes?
Ahh, let’s see, maybe get a map or a compass

GPS technology has made leaps and bounds lately – from bicycle computers to the 911 system, many people are relying on the GPS system that’s been orbitting for over 20 years. As early as 2010, the system could begin to fail, with blackouts or just misinformation for the millions of people who use the global positioning system in one form or another. Continue reading… “Coming Soon – GPS System Failure”