Ban on Russian Grain Exports Causes Surge in U.S. Wheat and Corn Prices

wheat fire

A severe drought destroyed one-fifth of the wheat crop in Russia and wildfires swept in to finish off some of the fields that remained.

A temporary ban on Russian grain exports will boost income for U.S. farmers this year, but more demand could cause shipping bottlenecks.Russia, one of the world’s largest exporters of wheat, is facing a shrunken crop due to a severe drought. Its announcement Thursday that it will ban grain exports through the end of the year to control domestic prices raises the possibility of stronger-than-expected U.S. exports.


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Biofortification Will Become a Trend in the Future


Evan Ryan travelled the world looking at trace element nutrition in broadacre cropping

A Yarrawonga farmer believes “biofortification” of grain with trace elements will become a trend in the future.

Evan Ryan said trace element biofortification of grains – supercharging them with elements such as zinc, boron, selenium or other micronutrients – was a novel way of solving human health and nutrition problems.


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