Ingredient In Grapefruit Could Be Used For Diet Pill


Naringenin, a flavonoid found in citrus fruit including grapefruit, has a revolutionary effect on the liver making it burn fat instead of storing it after a meal

The chemical compound which gives grapefruit its bitter taste could be used to create a diet pill, a study has indicated.

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Grapefruit Diet Risk Exposed


So much for an apple a day. Well maybe its not an apple but a grapefruit but wouldn’t you think that fruit should help you not harm you

A woman who went on an intense grapefruit-based diet developed a blood clot in her leg and risked losing the limb, US doctors have reported.The unusual case, written up in the Lancet medical journal, occurred in Washington state in November last year.

Medics concluded grapefruit had affected the way the 42-year-old’s body processed her contraceptive pill.

A UK expert stressed this was an unusual case, but said extreme diets may have “unpredictable consequences”.

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