Winners of the WSJ 2009 Technology Innovation Awards


The latest version of the T5000 biosensor from Ibis Biosciences

Medical detective work may have just gotten a lot easier.

Just how difficult it is gets highlighted every time an infectious disease sweeps the globe, as the new strain of swine flu did earlier this year. Current methods of testing for disease-causing microbes are pretty effective at discovering whether an infected fluid or tissue sample contains a known virus or bacteria. But trying to detect previously unknown organisms is a whole different story.


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“Groundbreaking” Portable Therapeutic Ultrasound System

“Groundbreaking” Portable Therapeutic Ultrasound System 

 Cornell University 3rd year PhD National Science fellow, George K. Lewis

Ultrasound machines can cost $20,000 or more and weigh 30 pounds, but not George K. Lewis’s ultrasound device. Lewis’s portable therapeutic ultrasound machine cost him about $150 to make — 80 percent of which was spent on the battery — it fits in the palm of his hand, and it can help treat cancer and relieve arthritis… among other things.

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