New Gadget Eliminates Pain in Dental Injections By Tricking Your Brain


People of the world who hate hate HATE going to the dentist, rejoice: DentalVibe is a new device that completely eliminates the pain when they are sticking a stainless steel needle into your gums. All by cleverly fooling your brain.

Developed by Dr. Steven G. Goldberg DDS and Bresslergroup, DentalVibe vibrates at irregular intervals. While the brain ignores rapid rhythmical vibration, it notices pulses that are not regular. These vibrations are transmitted by A-beta nerve fibers, which are faster than the slower C fibers that transmit the sensation of pain caused by the needle penetrating your gums.

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Space-Age Plasma Jet ‘Set To Replace Dentist’s Drill’

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A futuristic ‘plasma jet’ that eradicates tooth decay without fillings could be replacing the hated dentist’s drill in as little as three years, it was claimed today.

The space-age device fires a beam of electrically-charged oxygen atoms into tooth cavities to obliterate decay-causing bacteria.

Traditionally, the same job is done by drilling holes into the tooth that has to be filled.

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