Wearable Hummingbird Feeder


The feeder is based on a Professional Grade Fully Adjustable Full Face Face Shield. These cost $20, are built sturdily with an excellent Hi-Impact and very clear face shield. But they only come in blue. We put several coats of red Krylon on the head piece after we drill some holes for attaching the upper holder for the miniaturized feeding tube.

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Nike’s Hindsight Cyclist’s Glasses

Nike’s Hindsight Cyclist’s Glasses 

 Nike Hindsight Glasses designed for cyclists

The Nike Hindsight cyclist’s glasses from designer Billy May (we loved his Torn lights before) are designed to do one simple thing: stop cyclists from getting hurt on the roads. At the extended side of each lens is a carefully arranged high-power Fresnel lens that captures the view to the sides of the wearer’s head, and sends it into the peripheral vision.

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Pacman Helmets Hit The Runway


Ghostly Safe

Sometimes, it seems like high fashion is all about putting something silly on your head – take designer Giles Deacon’s Spring/Summer 2009 collection, for instance. He’s got his models wearing Pacman-inspired headgear. There’s the iconic yellow Mr. Pacman helmet, Blinky the ghost, and chrome versions of both, as well as a Pacman dress. Ms. Pacman, oddly enough, was not in attendance.

Check out the gallery below for more Pacman-helmeted models.

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TFAS: A New Procedure That Can Restore Full Use Of Spine

TFAS: A New Procedure That Can Restore Full Use Of Spine 

 TFAS Posterior View

Ever bend down and not get up again for a few days? Have you turned your neck in one direction only to find that your body had to accompany your neck to turn to the other side?

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DizzyFix – A Treatment For Vertigo

DizzyFix - A Treatment For Vertigo 

 DizzyFix – Treatment For Vertigo

Any kind of medical care that can be used from the comfort of one’s house is always a boon. Cleanwater Clinical Limited thought on the similar lines for vertigo and dizziness patients. The Canadian company brought to surface DizzyFix that can combat BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo), which stands to be a common cause of vertigo.

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