Fire Up Your Hunger Hormone


If eating fatty foods was bad enough heres some more reasons to skip those fries

New research led by the University of Cincinnati (UC) suggests that the hunger hormone ghrelin is activated by fats from the foods we eat-not those made in the body-in order to optimize nutrient metabolism and promote the storage of body fat.

The findings, the study’s author says, turn the current model about ghrelin on its head and point to a novel stomach enzyme (GOAT) responsible for the ghrelin activation process that could be targeted in future treatments for metabolic diseases. Continue reading… “Fire Up Your Hunger Hormone”


Taga Stroller/Trike


Your legs will be as big as a power lifter after using this new product

The traditional stroller hasn’t changed too much in over a century, you still need to move the thing using good old fashioned walking power. And while this Taga trike may not be the first Taga isn’t the first pedal powered vehicle with space to load up the kiddies, it does put add a few new levels of convenience to the way you schlep your offspring around. Continue reading… “Taga Stroller/Trike”


Grapefruit Diet Risk Exposed


So much for an apple a day. Well maybe its not an apple but a grapefruit but wouldn’t you think that fruit should help you not harm you

A woman who went on an intense grapefruit-based diet developed a blood clot in her leg and risked losing the limb, US doctors have reported.The unusual case, written up in the Lancet medical journal, occurred in Washington state in November last year.

Medics concluded grapefruit had affected the way the 42-year-old’s body processed her contraceptive pill.

A UK expert stressed this was an unusual case, but said extreme diets may have “unpredictable consequences”.

Continue reading… “Grapefruit Diet Risk Exposed”




Hop like a bunny/kangaroo to get better abs

How many ab-exercise devices are there – a million? And how many really give you any benefit over just doing crunches on a mat? Very few, I’d wager, though the AbCoaster, which just came out with a home version of its ab-crunching contraption, is the latest to make a case. Resembling a cardio machine, the ‘Coaster supports your knees while you pull up your legs in a “natural arc motion,” similar to leg raises. You can swivel the kneepad to do obleiks, it works the entire abdominal muscle, reduces unnecessary stresses… blahblahblah. Continue reading… “AbCoaster”


5 Ways Your Brain Is Messing With You


What was I thinking

We accept on a regular basis the premise that our minds are being screwed with. Advertisers, politicians, magicians; we accept that they know the tricks to pull the wool over our eyes. But as it turns out, the ways in which your head is being truly and royally messed with the most, are coming from inside.

Please be advised that your brain does not want you reading the following list, and may kill you to protect its secrets. These include… Continue reading… “5 Ways Your Brain Is Messing With You”