Rare Baby Pygmy Hippo Debut’s At Polish Zoo


A male pygmy hippopotamus has been shown to the public for the first time at Poland’s Wroclaw Zoo. The young male hippo was born two weeks ago and now weighs 5kg (11lb). It could eventually grow to reach a weight of 375kg (825lb).

The baby hippo’s name has yet to be revealed, but its mother is called Elpunia and its father’s name is Carlos…


Beijing Zoo Restaurant Serves Hippopotamus, Crocodile

Hippo 1111

Hungry Hippos vs Hungry For Hippos

Most of the time, the image of a zoo is one of animal protection and education. However, the Beijing zoo has expanded this ‘education’ to include the culinary aspects of some of the more exotic animals housed therein.

For about 20-200 dollars, visitors to the Bin Feng Tang restaurant can sample hippo, scorpion, peacock, shark fin, kangaroo tail, or deer penis!

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