Could the U.S. Suddenly Collapse?


U.S. economic collapse

For centuries, historians, political theorists, anthropologists and the public have tended to think about the political process in seasonal, cyclical terms. From Polybius to Paul Kennedy, from ancient Rome to imperial Britain, we discern a rhythm to history. Great powers, like great men, are born, rise, reign and then gradually wane. No matter whether civilizations decline culturally, economically or ecologically, their downfalls are protracted.


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Archaeological ‘Time Machine’ Revealed

archaeological_time_machine 324
Evolutionary Time Machine
Researchers at Queen’s University have helped produce a new archaeological tool which could answer key questions in human evolution. The new calibration curve, which extends back 50,000 years is a major landmark in radiocarbon dating– the method used by archaeologists and geoscientists to establish the age of carbon-based materials.
It could help research issues including the effect of climate change on human adaption and migrations.

The project was led by Queen’s University Belfast through a National Environment Research Centre (NERC) funded research grant to Dr Paula Reimer and Professor Gerry McCormac from the Centre for Climate, the Environment and Chronology (14CHRONO) at Queen’s and statisticians at the University of Sheffield.

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Doomsday Clock Moved One Minute Further Away From Human Annihilation

doomsday clock

Doomsday Clock: Created in 1947 by concerned scientists

The minute hand of the famous Doomsday Clock has been moved to six minutes to midnight – one minute further away from human annihilation than before.  The timepiece in New York conveys how close humanity is to catastrophic destruction, which is represented by midnight.


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Momentous Shifts In Global Power By 2020


As the second decade of the 21st century begins, we find ourselves at one of those relatively rare moments in history when major power shifts become visible to all. If the first decade of the century witnessed profound changes, the world of 2009 nonetheless looked at least somewhat like the world of 1999 in certain fundamental respects: the United States remained the world’s paramount military power, the dollar remained the world’s dominant currency, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization remained its foremost military alliance, to name just three.


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Unseen Photos Reveal the Private Life of Hitler Part 2


In Hitler’s distorted view, these Bavarian children would have represented racial purity

The photographs published of Hitler attending the Wagner music festival in Bayreuth, Germany, give a tantalising glimpse into how the Nazi leader relaxed when he was not ruling Germany or trying to conquer the world. (Pics)


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Unseen Photos Reveal the Private Life of Hitler Part 1


Hitler salutes German troops in Adolf Hitler Platz on September 1st, 1938

A set of photographs showing the private side of Adolf Hitler have been published for the first time. The colour pictures come from the collection of Hugo Jaeger, Hitler’s personal photographer, who captured him on camera him from 1936 to the final days of his rule in 1945. Jaeger hid thousands of transparencies in a leather suitcase at the end of the war. The case was found by six US soldiers as they searched a house near Munich where he was staying but they were more interested in a bottle of cognac he had also slipped inside. (Pics)


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Hitler’s Mistaken Belief – Jewish Doctor Poisoned His Mother


Adolph Hitler’s mother, Klara

Adolf  Hitler’s hatred of Jews stemmed from the mistaken belief that his mother was poisoned by a Jewish doctor, according to a new book.   Hitler’s mother Klara had breast cancer but died as a result of poisoning from the idoform which was given to her by Dr Eduard Bloch. The use of idoform as a treatment for breast cancer was a standard medical practice when she died in 1907 at the age of 47.


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Steampunk Science Museum Show at Oxford UK


Art Donovan from the Oxford University Museum of the History of Science sez, “I have been given the great honor of curating the world’s very first Museum Exhibition of Steampunk Art. Seventeen artists from seven countries- The Steampunk creators that you know best. Opening October 13, 2009 and running continually through February 21, 2010. (Pics)

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China Sex Theme Park Demolished – Update


This Land of Love will not be seen or enjoyed.

China’s first sex theme park, aimed at improving both the sex education and the sex life of its visitors, has been torn down before it even opened. The owners were “interested only in profiting from sensationalism,” one official said.

Due to open in Chongqing in October, Love Land was to have included displays of giant genitalia, naked bodies and an exhibition on the history of sex.

The park was set to offer workshops on sex technique and safe-sex methods. But the plans left Chongqing officials red-faced. The officials called the planned park “vulgar, ill-minded and misleading”.

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