John Arderne, Medieval Proctologist


The instruments depicted [above], from left to right, are: the ‘sequere me’ (‘follow me’) a flexible probe, so called because it was the guide to be followed by other instruments; a syringe; the ‘Acus rostrata’ or snouted needle, a grooved director along which the scalpel was passed; the ‘fraenum Caesaris’ or strong thread, a ligature that constricted the rectal side of the fistula; the ‘tendiculum’, which was used to keep the ligature taut whilst the fistula was being divided; another syringe. The ‘cochlear’ (or shield) is shown at the top; this was probably held by the surgeon’s mate and was used to protect the rectum during the operation. At the bottom is another snouted needle accompanied by a razor like scalpel.

Ever wonder where medical professions like Proctology originated? These instruments are some of the crazy stuff utilized in early Proctology by visionary John Arderne.

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How a Sewing Machine Works

 How a Sewing Machine Works

The English cabinetmaker Thomas Saint received the first patent for a sewing machine in 1790.  Elias Howe, credited as the inventor of the sewing machine, designed and patented his creation in 1846. Howe was employed at a machine shop in Boston and was trying to support his family. A friend helped him financially while he perfected his invention, which also produced a lock stitch by using an eye-pointed needle and a bobbin that carried the second thread.

Here is an amazing animation, after the jump, as to how sewing machines work.

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History of the World’s Craziest Invention – The Monowheel

History of the World’s Craziest Invention - The Monowheel

First Monowheel

A monowheel is a crazy contraption where the rider sits inside the wheel. Not to be confused with a unicycle, where the rider sits above the wheel, the monowheel is a hard to drive and hard to steer vehicle that has a unique and colorful history.  Here is a collection of some pretty amazing photos. (Pics)

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