10 Worst Music Videos Ever Made


Bonus – This is Zlad! and the song is Elektronik, Supersonik. Words cannot describe this one!

This was a hard task to accomplish because there have been so many horrific videos made since bands started making videos. Many of the worst ones were made in the eighties, go figure since that has to be one of the worst decades for mainstream music. 1981 was the year MTV launched as well and the very first music video ever played on MTV was The Buggles – Video Killed the Radio Star. The majority of the videos played on that first day were completely awful, they did play 2 Iron Maiden vids the first day, so there were at least 2 good videos. Since then there have been a lot of great videos and even more bad ones. A few of these are foreign videos, so they were never on TV but are so bad they have to be on the list. These are the videos that I think are the worst of the worst, #1 being the worst video ever! Let us know what you think.

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