Drug War Horror Stories

Useless. Futile. Aimless. Pointless. Absurd. Inane. Vicious circle. Dead end. Ineffectual. Out of date. Drop in the bucket. Spinning your wheels. Beating a dead horse. Wasting your breath. Banging your head against the wall. Pissing in the wind. Shoo

The War On Drugs Has Many Names…

The New Yorker’s “Drug War Bulletins” are sure to boil your blood: a man who died for want of a liver transplant because the hospital insisted he needed “drug treatment” for his medical marijuana use; a suburban San Diego housewife who will spend the next 20 years in jail because she was peripherally involved in a heroin deal while she was in college in 1975; and a pulmonologist who’d been favored by the drug warriors until his giant, well-funded, unreproachable study concluded that pot didn’t give you lung cancer, and who is now a pariah whose research conclusions have been boycotted by the press.

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