MakH20Pak – Next Generation Patient Hydration System


Featured invention at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase 2010

Have you had a family member or friend in the hospital, a nursing home or under hospice care?  Has access to water or other fluids been an issue?  That person might have even been YOU!  The MakH2OPak(TM) is a single user, disposable patient hydration system that gives patients 24 hour control of access to fluids and relieves the caregiver of this task and the ability to focus on other medical needs.


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If Domestic Medical Travel Catches On It Could Help Drive Down Medical Costs and Raise Quality of Care


Lowe’s has an agreement with the Cleveland Clinic for heart surgery and waived Anthony Reynolds $5,000 in deductibles.

When employee John McNally needed a knee-replacement operation, Alpha Coal West offered to pay his travel expenses if he would have the surgery in Fort Collins, Colo., a five-hour drive from his home near Gillette, Wyo.The Colorado surgery center had data showing good results with such operations, and it charged far less than the hospital in Gillette. Despite feeling “every bump on the way back,” McNally was so pleased with the outcome of the operation that he returned to Colorado a few months later to have his other knee done.


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High Heels can Ruin a Woman’s Health

6 High Heels 893

High heels are very popular, especially with celebrities such as
Gwyneth Paltrow, but there is a steep price to pay over time

Like the tall Lara Dutta or the shorter Rani Mukerji, you might want to flaunt stilettos to look glamorous and sleek. But experts feel this style statement can cause serious harm to the body if proper care is not taken.
“Increased pressure puts the forefoot at risk of injuries such as stress fractures, bunions and hammer toes. Knee pain is also common when high heels are involved,” says Ashish Jain, M.S. (orthopaedics), consultant joint replacement specialist at Max Hospital.
“The heel height causes increased strain on the knee joint and associated tendons. The quadriceps muscle group in the front of the thigh works harder, increasing pressure on the kneecap by up to 26 percent.”
“This can ultimately increase the incidence of osteoarthritis of the knee and quadriceps tendonitis,” Jain added.
Jain also spoke of other hazards.
He revealed that when the heel is constantly elevated, the calf muscle and Achilles tendon can contract and shorten. Wearing high heels habitually can result in a woman not being able to tolerate a flat shoe. On occasions, this can even require surgery to lengthen the Achilles tendon.
Sometimes the tight fit of many heels will force the toes to conform to its shape. The pressure of the shoe itself can cause corns to form. Furthermore, the compression of the metatarsal bones can cause pressure on the nerves that run between them.
“The toenails are also at risk as the incidence of in-growing toenails and nail infections is higher in heel wearers. In-growing toenails can be very painful, unsightly and require surgery to correct,” Jain added.
Women feel high heels like gladiator sandals, tip toes and others add a touch of elegance and glamour to one’s overall style and the legs appear longer and slimmer. Thus, to look special in that chic footwear and not experience painful after effects, many are going in for dermal fillers.
“It has been observed that women are undergoing filler injections to plump up the underside of their feet, thus filling them out and providing padding inside the foot to relieve the pain that comes from wearing high heels,” said Satish Bhatia, dermatologist and skin surgeon, Lady Ratan Tata Medical and Research Centre.
“This trend is rising despite the fact that the effect does not usually last for more than six-seven months,” Bhatia added.
Given that certain industries like hospitality, aviation and fashion place a premium on height and appearance, wearing heels becomes a norm, thus making women opt for the expensive solution to ease pain arising out of use of high heels.
“The dermal filler injection is injected in the ball of the foot to ease the pain caused by wearing high heels. The injection costs between Rs.12,000 and Rs.15,000,” he added.
Rajesh Malhotra, professor of orthopaedics, AIIMS, threw light on a few other ways of curing the pain arising out of extended use of stilettos.
“The best way to avoid pain is that one stops wearing high heels at all because they are the cause of the problem. But if that is not possible then there are a few treatments,” he said.
“The entire body pressure is on the ball of the foot; so among many treatments one is that we put the metatarsal bar on the sole of the footwear so that the entire body weight is not on the ball of the foot, which results in less pain,” Malhotra told.
If it is very essential to wear heels, the maximum height advised by doctors is not more than an inch.
“The height of the heel also changes the amount of weight on the forefoot. A one-inch heel will increase the pressure by 22 percent, a two-inch heel by 57 percent and a three-inch heel by 76 percent. So anything not more than an inch is fine,” said Jain.

More women are wearing higher heels, and for longer, and experts are increasingly concerned about the long-term damage they are doing to their feet. Recent research suggests that up to a third of women suffer permanent problems as a result of their prolonged wearing of ‘killer heels’, ranging from hammer toes and bunions to irreversible damage to leg tendons. (Pics)

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Relief In The Form Of Inflatable Hospitals

Here’s how it works. Air is pumped into the columns and beams that support the structure, which are made of heavy material like that found in inflatable lifeboats. Air is also pumped into walls and roofs made of two layers of nylon about 18 inches apart when inflated. The air gives them stiffness and insulating qualities.
Amidst all the heartbreaking stories out of Haiti these past two weeks, I was impressed to see that Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres) was deploying an inflatable hospital. An inflatable hospital? What a great idea!
FSI North America produces the inflatable hospital, although they aren’t the only manufacturer selling such buildings. It is listed in their catalog under Multi Purpose Rapid Deploy Shelters. The buildings they sell range from 100 square feet to 1,850 square feet. For the Doctors Without Borders hospital, several buildings are tied together.

Dream Doctors Program Will Graduate World’s First Medical Clowns


Patch Adams may have years of experience entertaining kids in various hospitals, but he’s not a certified medical clown. He does, though, probably deserve an honorary degree from Haifa University in Israel which just announced a new three year academic program in medical clowning.  Developed with the Magi Foundation, the so-called Dream Doctors program will graduate the world’s first formally taught and qualified entertainers specifically for clinical situations. 


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Repairing Lungs Outside The Body

Repairing Lungs Outside The Body

Lung tissue is preserved in the Toronto XVIVO Lung Perfusion System with the aim of repairing lungs prior to transplant.  

Lung transplant offers hope of a longer life for patients with end-stage respiratory diseases such as emphysema and cystic fibrosis, with some surviving for years following surgery. But due to chronic shortages of viable organs for transplant, only about 25 percent of patients on waiting lists receive new lungs. However, a new out-of-body lung-repair technique developed at the Toronto General Hospital may dramatically increase the number of lungs that can be used in transplants and improve surgical outcome.

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Some Hospital Infections May Be Caused By Cell Phones

Some Hospital Infections May Be Caused By Cell Phones

 95% of cell phones are contaminated with more that one type of microbe

Mobile phones used by hospital healthcare workers are often contaminated with germs, including those that can causes illness in hospitalized patients, a Turkish research team reports.

Dr. Fatma Ulger and others at Ondokuz Mayis University, Samsun, swabbed the dominant hand and the mobile phones of 200 doctors, nurses, and other healthcare staff working in intensive care units and operating rooms.

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Couple Gives Birth To Black And White Twins… Again

Couple Gives Birth To Black And White Twins… Again 

Black and white twins Hayleigh and Layren Durrant proudly hold their new sisters Leah and Miya – who incredibly are also twins with different colored skin.

Their mixed-race parents Dean Durrant and Alison Spooner repeated the two-tone miracle after a seven-year gap.   When the first set of twins arrived in 2001, the couple were astonished to see that Lauren took after her white mum, with blue eyes and red hair, while Hayleigh had black skin and hair like dad Dean.  (PICS)

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