Could Your Laptop Be Cooking Your Testicles?

man with laptop

Even with a lap pad under the computer, men’stesticles overheat quickly.

Whoever invented the ‘laptop’ probably didn’t worry too much about male reproductive health.  Turns out, unsurprisingly, that sitting with a computer on your lap will crank up the temperature of your nether regions, which could affect sperm quality.


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The Ant Queen’s Chemical Crown Keeps Her Workers Infertile

ant queen

The ant queen is the only one that reproduces unless she dies or is removed.

The defining feature of social insects is that societies contain queens, which specialise in laying eggs, as well as workers, which are mostly infertile but take care of the offspring and the nest. However, when the queen dies or is re-moved, workers begin laying eggs of their own. Previous observations have suggested that queens possess a specific pheromone which keeps the workers infertile, but the pheromone has never been identified except in the well-studied honeybee.


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Do Cellphones Make You Infertile?

 Do Cellphones Make You Infertile?

Hey, your sperm just called and said their not up for breakin’ eggs today

In a recent pilot study done at Jawaharlal Nehru University, rats subjected to radiation from mobile phones were found to have damaged DNA and low sperm count, leading to infertility and reduction in testis size. The Union health ministry now wants to find out whether excessive cellphone use could be having the same adverse effects on your health.

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