Edible Insect ‘Pic ‘n’ Mix’ Available At Theme Park

insects munch a bucket

What a classy snack to eat after a roller coaster ride!
Chocolate ant wafer biscuits, cheese and bacon flavoured crickets and chocolate covered larvae are not be among the average sweet shop’s pic ‘n’ mix selection.

But a Surrey theme park is offering the snacks – which contain real dried insects – in traditional pink and white paper bags as a trial.


Anti-Mosquito Laser System


Welcome to the future, where your fly swatters and insect repellent have been replaced by auto-targeting laser systems. The “Photonic Fence,” designed by Intellectual Ventures Lab, is capable of detecting, tracking, and destroying mosquitoes in flight using basic components harvested from laser printers, Blu-ray disc writers, camcorders, and video game consoles. From the website:


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Can Insect Farming Solve World Hunger?

rhinobeetle 21345
How many ways can you spell YUMMY!
The day when restaurants will serve garlic grasshoppers or beetle larva skewers is getting closer in Costa Rica, where scientists are “growing” insects for human consumption.

Entomologist Manuel Zumbado’s research into this alternative food source is inspired by practices in Africa, where insects have long been part of people’s diet.

With its rainforests playing host to countless insect species, including thousands that have yet to be identified, Costa Rica is a perfect breeding ground for the work.

From leaf-cutting ants to rhinoceros beetles and a dizzying flurry of butterflies, the Central American nation is also a haven of ecotourism. But is it the next hotbed of mouth-watering bugs?


New Species of Cockroach Hits Big Apple According to Rockefeller Study

American Cockroach

New species of cockroach is genetically different from all American cockroaches in the databases

New Yorkers are used to fighting each other for space, but there may be a new contender in town according to a Rockefeller study that appears to have uncovered a new species of cockroach.