Teens Signal Shift in Internet Usage

 Teens Signal Shift in Internet Usage

Contrary to some studies, teens show a wide range of online interests

Most Internet users worldwide use the Web primarily for e-mail and search, according to a global survey conducted by Gartner during the fourth quarter of 2007.

Online banking is the third most popular use of the Internet (except in emerging markets), while sharing photos, videos and files is the fourth. However…

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Hands Free 3D Interface for Second Life


Here are some experiments at Kapor Enterprises using 3D cameras to control movement in Second Life.

Mitch Kapor and Philippe Bossut designed a prototypical interface that demonstrates the possibilities for operating Second Life “hands free” without a mouse or keyboard. To make this work, they modified the open source Second Life client to support the camera as an input device.

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Shadow Reaching


Shadow Reaching is a new kind of user interface for large touch screen displays developed by Garth Shoemaker, Anthony Tang, and Kellogg S. Booth from the University of British Columbia. It creates a rather unusual way of interacting with very large displays.

According to information from the video, Shadow Reaching “supports natural interaction over the entire large display surface and provides strong user embodiment”.


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