Pandora Internet Radio Hits 60 Million Subscribers


Pandora Internet Radio has just announced that their site now has 60 million users registered to listen to their personalized online radio service. Pandora started back in 2000 and offers thousands of songs to users with a collection of 90,000 artists, of which 80% are played each month. That’s a ton of music!

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SHIFT: Internet Radio — Have They Finally Got It Right?


While XM was fighting Sirius and iTunes was clobbering the record stores, another potentially huge change was afoot in the music-dissemination business. Internet radio has the ability to radically change how we access our favorite music, while increasing exposure to new music.

However, it never lived up to that potential. Net radio used to be remarkably similar to regular radio, giving you only what someone else devised, and it was infinitely more difficult to find what you wanted in the myriad of unrelated stations with no rhyme or reason to their organization. However, new streaming technologies are here that allow you to fine tune your radio-listening experience, so it is truly your radio. Big Radio had better pay attention!

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