Unexpected Inventions from Unexpected People

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There are some inventions and inventors you just grow up knowing about – Alexander Graham Bell and the telephone, Thomas Edison and the lightbulb (even though he really just improved upon it). But there are a lot of inventions lurking out there that you didn’t learn about in your elementary school history and science books – inventions from geniuses known for other creations and discoveries, and inventions from people you didn’t expect to be inventors at all. Here are a few of them…

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The World’s First-Ever Cycle?

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A Chinese historian’s recreation of what he claims
was the first pedal-powered cycle ever invented.

Academic Xu Quan Long has taken his bizarre contraption to the streets of Beijing to show people his discovery – which has raised more than a few eyebrows with other road users.

‘It is quite slow and looks like very hard work to steer and control,’ said one of the large, wooden device, whichrequires complicated gearing to allow it to even move.

Xu said he stumbled across the discovery while studying the works of legendary ancient Chinese inventor Lu Ban, who was born more than 2,500 years ago.
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Russian Inventor Trained Computer to Recognize People

Identity theft

The computer program is called Iscanderus Visius

Beyond Las Vegas there is a world more pious. And in that holy world, a Russian inventor by the name of Aleksandr Syomochkin has developed a program that allows a computer to recognize people’s faces and then message them. The program is based on the input received by on-monitor cameras, the more the cameras the more detailed features of the people can be stored into the computer’s memory. These stored images are then used by the program called Iscanderus Visius to remember them and then mimic those gestures.


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DaVinci Institute Announces Awards at Colorado Inventor Showcase

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Several winners were announced as top inventors for 2009

The DaVinci Institute, a futurist think tank and host of the 5th annual Colorado Inventor Showcase announced the award winners at the event held November 3rd at the Denver University Cable Center. Winners in the six categories accepted their honors as the evening came to a close.  The DaVinci Institute also extended its thanks to Colorado and surrounding states for participating in this year’s event. Seventy celebrity judges from venture capital, the media, high profile businesses and academia selected the award winners based on their innovation and value of their creations to society.

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Tomorrow’s Colorado Inventor Showcase Features AllStar Cast

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The Colorado Inventor Showcase takes place tomorrow – Tuesday, November 3rd. Prices go up tomorrow, so be sure to register today before prices go up.
QUESTION: Is there an idea floating around in your head that could be worth millions? Are you struggling to understand the next steps you should take?
Learn what it takes to become a successful inventor at the 5th annual Colorado Inventor Showcase on Tuesday, November 3rd. This event features never before seen products, as America’s brightest inventors compete to win this year’s top inventor awards.
The best way to succeed as an inventor is to learn from other successful inventors who started with an idea just like yours.
This event is packed with amazing speakers, celebrity judges, and wall to wall inventions. This is a rare opportunity to meet and be inspired by the inventors, feel the intensity of their spirit, and touch their creations. Learn from their experience how they dealt with tough issues like raising money, bringing their products to market and building their business. These are the dreams that inspire. These are the dreams of hope.
Join us on this incredible voyage of into the land of invention. Bring your family and friends as this will be an event you will never forget.

The Colorado Inventor Showcase takes place tomorrow – Tuesday, November 3rd. Prices go up tomorrow, so be sure to register today before prices go up.

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Economic Crisis Is A Driver Of Innovation

Economic Crisis Is A Driver Of Innovation 

Frenchman Dimitri Gauer poses with his invention, the ‘crustacean peeler’

Crisis is the mother of invention, if one believes the bright sparks behind the gizmos, contraptions, novelties and potions at the international inventions exhibition in the Swiss city of Geneva.

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Scent Delivery System

Scent Delivery System 

Patent# US 6842218, which refers to the Scent Delivery System, allows the user to pick his or her own smells, a rather dubious thrill to begin with. It works by injecting scent into an airflow created by the fan or canister, and creates scented air, which is carried to the nose by the flow of air via a nose mask or facemask. If you are wondering why anyone would want such a thing, join the club whose membership is fast disappearing from a lack of interest.

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