Top Tech Trends For 2010

vitual desktop

Virtual desktop

Mobile technology driven by the consumerisation of technology and self-service IT will explode in 2010 as will the demand for more flexible workplaces, according to the Citrix Top Technology Trends for 2010 forecast.  

With the month drawing to an end, the estimated cost of January’s fierce weather conditions is expected to run into millions of euros due to lost work hours alone.


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WEEE Man Symbolizes Each Persons Environmental Waste

WEEE Man Symbolizes Each Persons Environmental Waste 


People around the United Kingdom have been in for a big surprise. A seven meter three tonne metal man has been wandering in their midst. Who (or what) is he and why is he here? Is the Earth about to stand still? Hardly, but like Klaatu he brings a message to which we should really listen!

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