Leonardo da Vinci’s Bones To Be Dug Up By Italian Scientists

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Is the Mona Lisa a disguised self-portrait?
Scientists seeking permission to exhume the remains of Leonardo da Vinci plan to reconstruct his face to discover whether his masterpiece, the Mona Lisa, is a disguised self-portrait.

A team from Italy’s National Committee for Cultural Heritage, a leading association of scientists and art historians, has asked to open the tomb in which the Renaissance painter and polymath is believed to lie at Amboise castle, in the Loire valley, where he died in 1519, aged 67.


Amazing And Realistic Hand Painting Art By Guido Daniele


Handy Art at its best!

Body painting is a type of art in which paint is applied to a part of skin. It is considered one of the ancient types of  art. Unlike tattoos, body painting is temporary. Lasting for just few hours or ion some cases a few weeks. Hand painting art is the application of make-up or paint on to the hands to look like any object or mostly to depict animals.

Today’s inspiration comes from an Italian artist Guido Daniele who has specialized in body artwork. His hand painting which he dubs as ‘Handimals‘ is appreciated around the world. 

For your enjoyment, we have a collection of Guido’s hand painting art, check out his amazing creations which look like real animals.

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