Amazing Video of the Sun Melting Steel


Melting steel in a solar oven.

Melting steel in a solar oven (aka solar concentrator) isn’t new or unique, but it’s always cool to see and a good reminder of just how much energy is hitting the sunny side of the planet at any moment. The video below shows a short exerpt of James May’s “ Big Ideas” series (James is better known for the Top Gear show), and they start by cooking, er, burning a sausage, and then they melt a steel plate. Impressive to see how quickly it turns to a liquid. (video)

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James May’s Lifesize Lego House


The Lego House

I can confidently wager that some of you have spent a fair amount of time building miniature cities with Legos at some point in your lives. I know I did. Not only cities, but spaceships and boats, and forts, and . . . well, you get the picture. But James May, a toy fanatic from the UK (who has his own TV show, James May Toy Stories), built a real house from Legos. (Pics)


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