The Time Machines Of Jason Brammer

jason brammer time machine 345
Time Machine XXX (Returning To The White City 1893: Part 2)
A couple weeks ago at Artfair On The Square in Madison, WI we were struck by multimedia artist Jason Brammer. His retro techno art stood out from the multitude of other artists at the event. In particular his Time Machines made a lasting impression. He has quite a selection to choose from at his site where he has this to say about them.
My “Time Machines” series is a collection of mixed media paintings incorporating 3-dimensional, sculptural elements. To create these paintings, I apply acrylic paints, plasters, and transparent glazes to the canvas (or masonite) using a combination of airbrushing and traditional painting techniques.  I then mount attachments, such as antique or salvaged hardware, cables, and carved wood pieces, to the edges of the painting. Some of the pieces have new hardware or other constructed elements that I’ve aged to feel as if they were a century old.  The attachments flow out of the paintings and into the “real” world, creating an illusion that blends reality with the painted imagery.