British Airways Set To Fly On Fuel From Garbage In 2014


British Airways set to fly on fuel from garbage

British Airways is planning to establish Europe’s first green jet fuel plant that would turn rubbish into carbon-neutral aviation fuel by the year 2014.   According to the Independent, British Airways would establish the plant, in collaboration with the US bioenergy company Solena.

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Honeywell & Airbus Turn Algae Into Jet Fuel

Honeywell & Airbus To Turn Algae Into Jet Fuel

It took a lot of talking, and they turned down three bridges first, but Honeywell
finally bought into the idea that pond scum makes good jet fuel

Plane maker Airbus and diversified manufacturer Honeywell International Inc. on Thursday said they are developing a biofuel that by 2030 could satisfy nearly a third of the worldwide demand from commercial aircraft, without affecting food supplies.

Along with JetBlue Airways Corp. and International Aero Engines, they plan to produce fuel from vegetation and algae-based oils that do not compete with existing food production or land and water resources.

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