Chinese Airline Plans to Stand Passengers in Aisle


Sardines may be more comfortable…

A private airline in China is submitting plans for journeys where passengers can opt to stand to save money. Spring Airlines first initiated the standing ticket idea earlier this year.

It is now considering officially submitting it to the aviation regulator before the year is out. The airline has been trying to cope with surging passenger numbers and new flight routes, but only has 13 planes.

Spring Airlines’ Zhang Wuan said: “The process of plane making is really long. We already ordered 14 new jets. But some of them will only be delivered next year…

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Historical Passenger Solar Eclipse Flight Planned

Historical Passenger Solar Eclipse Flight Planned

View this century’s longest solar eclipse aboard the JetLite 737-700 

On Wednesday, July 22, 2009, we are going to witness the greatest eclipse of the 21st century. A total eclipse of the sun will be visible from within a narrow corridor that traverses half of Earth. The path of the Moon’s umbral shadow will begin in India and cross through Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar and China. Here is a great chance for the eclipse chasers to fly above the clouds at level four-one-zero to have a clear view of the eclipse.

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Amazing Photos Of Fighter Jets Breaking The Sound Barrier




Many fighter aircraft can travel with the speed of sound which creates a sonic boom. The term sonic boom is commonly used to refer to the shocks caused by the supersonic flight of an aircraft. When it breaks the sound barrier, an incredible ‘vapor cone’ surrounds the aircraft.

Here is a collection of photos of 16 fighter jets breaking the sound barrier and creating vapor cones around them…

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Jet Cyclist Hits 73 MPH And Lives


So much for street bikes. This bike really burns some serious rubber.

Motor madman Bob Maddox is back with a twin-engine jet bike that makes the raucous rocket he rode last year look tame.

He recently bolted a dual-exhaust pulse jet engine to the side of an ordinary bicycle, donned a leather jacket and helmet and then held on tight as he peeled off a 73-mph run down a deserted back road. And we thought he was crazy when he hit 50 mph on one of his single-engine contraptions last year. Continue reading… “Jet Cyclist Hits 73 MPH And Lives”


Where Russian Supersonic Jets Go To Die


Some parts of the plane still work!

Tu-144 which first flew on 31 December 1968 (two months before Concorde) is the fastest supersonic commercial airliner ever made. Despite the similarity of the Tu-144 to Concorde, there were significant differences in the control, navigation and engine systems. The Tu-144 was in some ways a more technologically advanced aircraft, but in areas such as range, aerodynamic sophistication, braking and engine control, it lagged behind Concorde.  A total of 16 airworthy Tu-144s were built, Aeroflot had only made 55 scheduled passenger flights with their Tu-144s before they put them out of service.  (PICS)

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Crazy Jet and Rocket Powered Vehicles


I’ll Make It To The Game Yet!

Ever wondered what it would be like to travel in a jet-powered porta-potty? Me neither. Seeing someone else doing it still is interesting though. It’s every ten year old boy’s dream come true -a whole collection of jet and rocket powered vehicles, including fire trucks, recliners, tractors and more.

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Jet-Works Engine Demonstrates Inner Workings Of Turbines

Jet Works Engine Demonstrates Inner Workings Of Turbines

This toy jet engine is not going to fly you anywhere, but it’ll sure demonstrate what goes on inside those fiery turbines. Your kid can learn how to be a jet engine mechanic, putting together the kit’s 50 parts, and then adjusting thrust, speed and engine sounds with the battery-operated model’s control panel.

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World’s First Pilot To Fly With Just Feet


Have Feet, Will Fly!

Determined Jessica Cox has overcome her fear of flying and a profound disability to become the first person ever to pilot a plane using only her feet. The 25-year-old graduate was forced to improvise after a genetic defect resulted in her being born without any arms.

But Ms Cox, who holds a double black belt in tae kwon-do, has never let that hold her back. ‘I never say, “I can’t do that”. I just say, “I haven’t worked it out yet”,’ she said.

Ms Cox, from Tucson, Arizona, has now taught herself to write, type, drive a car, brush her hair and use a phone simply by using her feet. But the apparently fearless young woman used to be scared of just one thing – flying.

She said: ‘I’ve been terrified and fascinated of flying for as long as I can remember.’ However, she turned it into her ‘ultimate challenge’ three years ago after a fighter pilot insisted she would love it.

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