Ancient Bible Fragments Offer a Rare Glimpse Into a Forgotten History


Geniza palimpsest with Hebrew (shown upside down) written over the top of a 6th-century copy of Akylas’ Greek translation (c. 125 CE) of the Books of Kings (shown the right way up).

New research has uncovered a forgotten chapter in the history of the Bible, offering a rare glimpse of Byzantine Jewish life and culture.


Hitler’s Mistaken Belief – Jewish Doctor Poisoned His Mother


Adolph Hitler’s mother, Klara

Adolf  Hitler’s hatred of Jews stemmed from the mistaken belief that his mother was poisoned by a Jewish doctor, according to a new book.   Hitler’s mother Klara had breast cancer but died as a result of poisoning from the idoform which was given to her by Dr Eduard Bloch. The use of idoform as a treatment for breast cancer was a standard medical practice when she died in 1907 at the age of 47.


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