HSTi Wireless Media Stick Nixes The Need For Dedicated Storage Drives

wirelss-media-stick 4235
Storage With A Twist
The banners aren’t even officially up in Vegas yet, and already we’re catching a drift of what all will be unveiled in the days to come. Take this Wireless Media Stick for example, which is HSTi’s way of telling you that a dedicated storage drive beside your Blu-ray player or media player is completely unnecessary. Put simply, this device (and the accompanying software, we presume) plugs directly into any USB-enabled disc player or media streamer that’s connected to your television; from there, you can easily stream media that’s already shacked up within your main PC to your TV-connected device(s), which cures the problem of having your media fragmented between varying drives.

Lucky Charms Leprechaun Goes Goth: Rainbow-Colored USB Flash Skull Rings


A Fistfull Of Fashionable Memory

There isn’t a single thing about these USB skull rings that makes a lick of sense. Yes, I have been known to apply the pewter washer of an ineptly molded skull to the thick porkjam fingers of my youth, but not in a color scheme favored by, say, Glenn Danzig’s gay doppleganger or a particularly emo Keebler Elf.

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