Six Indian Factory Workers Drown In Giant Vat Of Tomato Ketchup

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Killer Tomatoes Strike In India
Six workers drowned after falling into a giant vat of tomato ketchup at a factory in India. The horrifying incident unfolded on Wednesday evening when a female worker slipped and fell into the 6m deep tank.

As five colleagues dived in to grab her they were all overcome by fumes given off from fermenting vegetables and drowned. Two more workers were in a hospital following the tragic incident at the Akansha Food Products unit in Lucknow, in the Uttar Pradesh region of northeastern India.


Reinvention Of The Ketchup Packet

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My entire life, the ketchup packet has remained a constant. Its saw-tooth edge and slightly bulbous form, enclosing not nearly enough ketchup, is something that, like a grand oak of food package design, you expected never to change. Well, my friends, Heinz has taken the extraordinary step of replacing a product everyone has been satisfied with for decades. And they may have actually improved it.

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Ketchup Chocolate

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Years ago, chef Dave Arnold expressed a desire for a substance that had the consistency, texture, and applicability of chocolate, but wasn’t chocolate. He wanted to be able to coat food in ketchup as one coats, for example, cherries in chocolate. After some experimentation, he was successful. Here’s his recipe… (Pics)

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