Knife and Fork Lifts – Workout While You Eat

knife and fork

Knife and Fork Lifts

A knife and fork that weigh 1½ pounds each, the better to make you eat more slowly? Seriously?

This is quite serious, according to the Knife and Fork Lift’s inventor, Tom Madden. “Everybody approaches it as a joke,” he said, “but when you think about it, it does require you to eat more slowly.” Eating more slowly, say health experts, allows the brain time to register feelings of satiety, resulting in eating less. (Pics)

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Video: Neil Strauss Makes A Knife From A Cigarette


Neil Strauss has a new book, “Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life”, which reveals the secrets of people who in a hypothetical apocalypse will be roasting your femur over oil barrels. He made this video showing how to make a knife from a cigarette for Danger Room. Too bad my cigarettes use cotton filters.

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UV Knife Block Germs Eradicator


Finally Here Is Something Every Germophobe Needs

If you’re a total germophobe, you probably wash your knives under scalding hot water every time they even get near raw chicken. You don’t want to get stuck with any nasty salmonella, after all. But what if you’re both a germophobe and cripplingly lazy? Well, that’s where the germ-eliminating knife block comes in.

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The Swiss Army Knife Of Pens


A Clever Cutlery Selection


Pens are usually boring, and not worth a second glance. However, this particular pen has more functions than your average Swiss Army knife. Trust me, if you were stranded out in the wild, this is the pen you would want.

You get 13 tools in one gadget. Everything ranging from a steel file, saw, screwdriver and even an ear pick. Why you would need a special tool to pick your ear is beyond me.


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