Global Warming May Result In Cooling Of Southeastern US


To be honest when its 120 degrees outside in the Southern summer a cool down really does not  sound so bad

Global warming may include some periods of local cooling, according to a new study by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley. Results from satellite and ground-based sensor data show that sweltering summers can, paradoxically, lead to the temporary formation of a cooling haze in the southeastern United States. Continue reading… “Global Warming May Result In Cooling Of Southeastern US”


The Five Scientific Reasons Mom Deserves Mother’s Day


Even science is behind mom on mother’s day

If you haven’t yet planned the brunch or picked out the flowers or at least mailed the card, then consider what follows the only motivation you should need. In short, mothers have it tough.

Changes in American culture have liberated women in many ways. Mom is now free to do all the chores moms have been doing for generations – such as wiping snot off kids’ noses, cleaning the house and handling all the family’s finances and social plans – and now she can work a day job or feel guilty for not having one, too. Continue reading… “The Five Scientific Reasons Mom Deserves Mother’s Day”


Pirates Attack NATO Ship


Pure genius or lack of you make the call

Pirates who attacked a ship off the coast of Somalia got more than they bargained for when it turned out to be a naval vessel – from an international force against piracy, Nato said. The pirates apparently mistook the FGS Spessart for a commercial merchant ship when they targeted it in the Gulf of Aden, between Somalia and Yemen. Continue reading… “Pirates Attack NATO Ship”