The Power Of The Powerizer

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Humans have long and hard strived to be run faster and jump higher. Now that can be achieved for a little over $300! Welcome the Powerizers:

Strap Powerizers on and you will be able to jump 2m (7ft) in the air, leap 3m (10ft) for every stride and run at speeds of 20mph. Powerizers work like a super-muscle, enhancing your natural strength. Curved springs attach to the bottom of the Powerizers and harness the gravitational energy that is created when your weight is forced down. The super-charged springs then push back with extreme force causing you to walk, run and jump like never before. (Video)


Base Jumping Off the Burj Dubai – World’s Tallest Building


 And they lived to tell about it

Recently it was discovered that the tallest building in the world – the Burj Dubai – had been the scene for a world record (and highly illegal) BASE jump. 1 British man attempted the jump and was successful, while a second man, a Frenchman, was caught before he could jump. They were both arrested and held in Dubai.

What is not known to either the authorities or the world in general, is that 2 men had already succeeded in climbing the tower and base jumping from it without being caught: another Brit and the same Frenchman who was later caught attempting a second jump. They were the first and have gone down as legends in their sport, for claiming the latest jewel in the crown of the sport. This is the story of that jump. (Second video after the jump)

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