Portable DVD LED Projector


Does it also come in pink?

Designed with the f word in mind (that’s fun, potty mouth), this idiot-proof LED projector features an integrated DVD player and built-in stereo speakers. Simply plug it in, bung in a disc and gawp in wonder as it beams a quality image (up to 50”) on the wall. Papa-papa-papa-papa – yeah!

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A World Where Serial Visual Data Transmission Never Existed


That’s the vision behind Gebhard Sengmüller’s art installation entitled “A Parallel Image.” Starting with the work of French engineer Maurice Leblanc in 1880, moving images were transmittable electrically by breaking them down into single frames, and then frames into individual pixels. This is how broadcast and cable television developed. Sengmüller writes…

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The Countdown Traffic Light


Just one look at this countdown traffic light and you know it’s a great idea. A progress bar on a stop light? We’re on board with that. Besides alleviating frustration, designer Damjan Stanković sees his idea saving energy — when motorists know there’s plenty of time until the light turns green, they’ll shut their engines off to conserve fuel. (Pics)

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Implantable Silicon-Silk Electronics Could Lead To LED Tattoos

   LED tattoo concept
A clear silk film, about one centimeter squared, with six silicon transistors on its
surface about to be implanted into a mouse (Photo: Rogers/Omenetto)
 Tattooing dates back to at least Neolithic times and has experienced a resurgence in popularity in many parts of the world in recent years. Advancements in tattoo pigments and the refinement of tattooing equipment has seen in improvement in the quality of tattoos being produced. Today it’s possible to get ink that glows under UV light, but a new technology could see tattoos that emit their own light. Researchers have been able to build thin, flexible silicon electronics on silk substrates that almost completely dissolve inside the body, paving the way for embedded LED tattoos that offer much more than just aesthetic appeal.The devices are made of a thin film of silk on which silicon transistors about one millimeter long and 250 nanometers thick are placed…

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Future of Light Bulbs May Be ESL’s


Vu1’s conceptual design for its R-30 bulb.

While compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) are currently the primary alternative to incandescent light bulbs, a company from Seattle predicts that its own novel light bulbs will eventually replace CFLs and LEDs. Vu1 (“view one”) Corporation has been working on its electron stimulated luminescence (ESL) bulbs, and has recently released a demo video (below).


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The Nirvana Bathtub – Like Bathing in a Planetarium

Nirvana Bathtub 726

Soaking in a bathtub is relaxing. Staring at the stars is also relaxing. So I guess it’s only natural to assume that combining the two is even more relaxing. Right?
The Nirvana Bathtub is basically an normal tub that’s been outfitted with 360 LED lights on the surface. Touch controls allow you to adjust the lights as well as the water, and a hand shower is motion activated. Fancy! But wouldn’t an open window to the night sky next to a normal, cheaper tub be just as good, if not better?
Via BornRich

Soaking in a bathtub is relaxing. Staring at the stars is also relaxing. So I guess it’s only natural to assume that combining the two is even more relaxing. Right?

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Qnuru’s Solar Landscape Redefines LEDs


The outdoor Cumuli cable-suspended lamp has solar panels above and LEDs below. 

OK, I can admit it – I was one of those people that a few years ago ran out and bought those generic-looking solar garden path lamps and strung them all along the walkways up to my front door. Subsequently I was hugely disappointed that the lamps’ weak pale glow wasn’t enough to keep people from tripping over them and falling into the flower beds. Since then, solar LED lighting, especially for commercial applications, has taken huge leaps in beauty and functionality, and newcomer Qnuru’s designs – by sculptor Tom Joyce – reflect the advances.

Solar LEDs growing up
Qnuru (pronounced Kuh-Noo-Roo) is a family of solar LED lights using granite, forged and cast iron, and aluminum in different shapes together with solar cells, LEDs and microprocessor controllers….

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Customizable MOY Concept Car

Customizable MOY Concept Car

MOY Concept Car

Elvis Tomljenovic describes his MOY as a concept car for “a generation who uses technology as a means to express themselves and communicate with others.” It landed him first prize in the Croatian Auto(r) Automotive Design Contest for its cute styling, and it caught our eye thanks to a crazy, proposed feature: playing video on the surface of the vehicle. (Pics)

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