World Record Marrow


That’s One Heck of A Squash!

I’m not familiar with a vegetable called a marrow (it seems to be some kind of squash), but this one is apparently the biggest ever at 113 pounds! There were lots of huge vegetables at a giant vegetable show in England.

The skin is craggy and dark, indicating it might not make the best offering at dinner, but it overtook the current world record by a whopping three kilos.

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Arm and Leg Length Linked to Memory Problems

Arm and Leg Length Linked to Memory Problems

Anthropometry is the study of the dimensions of the human body

Having short arms and legs may raise a person’s risk of developing memory problems later in life, US researchers said on Monday.

They said women with the shortest arm spans were 50% more likely to develop dementia and Alzheimer’s disease than women with longer arm spans. And the longer a woman’s leg from floor to knee, the lower her risk for dementia.

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