Naked Man In Taxi-Lifting Adventure



It all began when the nude man stopped the taxi by running out into the street in front of traffic.

As the perplexed driver got out of the car to see what was going on, the naked man grabbed the vehicle’s bumper and tried – without much success – to lift it off the ground. As a crowd of puzzled onlookers gathered to watch the spectacle, the man continued in his efforts to lift the car. Eyewitnesses reported that he would sometimes shout ‘please give me strength!’ as he struggled with the taxi…

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Exoskeleton Prototypes By Honda

Exoskeleton Prototypes By Honda

Bodyweight Support Assist 

Not so long ago we spoke highly about the Chariot that helps the amputees stand tall, and as if the world has taken to such technology development in a frenzy, we now have robotic aid to help people walk and lift coming from the American Honda Motors. Dubbed the Stride Management Assist and the Bodyweight Support Assist, these prototypes will help the weak-limbed or the elderly walk in a much more assured manner. (Video) (Pics)

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