Alcohol Under the Microscope Looks Like Beautiful Artwork


This is Dry Martini at 1000x magnification.

A company called Bevshots has produced a series of shots of booze under the microscope at the Florida State University’s chemistry labs. The process consist of letting a droplet of liquor dry out completely on a slide in an airtight container, and photographing the result with a 35mm camera. The entire process can take up to three months and as many as 200 attempts to properly capture the drink’s constituent parts. (Pics)



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The Moonshine Revolution – Why White Whiskey is Making a Comeback


Moonshine still circa 1930s

“They call it that old mountain dew, and them that refuse it are few.”

So goes the old song, and it gets truer every month. Yes, the distilled spirit known as moonshine, white lightning, white dog or simply white whiskey is the liquor of the moment, bringing together whiskey geeks, home distillers and high-end mixologists, all of whom find in the formerly clandestine rotgut a new means of expression, both for their palates and their politics.


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Liquor + Cigarettes = Cancer

Liquor + Cigarettes = Cancer

A Turkey-based cancer specialist, Dr Sefik Hosal on Sunday said cancer has assumed an alarming proportion across the world.

“Efforts must be made to check it, particularly in developing countries like India,” he said. “Though tobacco has proved to be a major factor causing cancer among people in India, consumption of liquor with cigarette increases the risk of cancer six times more.”

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