Wired City: Josh Harris’ Plan To Make Us All Live In Public

wiredcitydiagram 123

This is just a small part of the Wired City concept.

Josh Harris lived through a version of the future—a future where TV is replaced by constant, live video chat/surveillance over the Internet—and it almost made him go insane. His experiments from a decade ago with filming people day and night in a New York City bunker, and then himself and his girlfriend in his own wired loft, were documented in the movie We Live In Public. Now, after many fits and starts, he wants to take another stab at making that future a reality through a new Internet TV project he is pitching called Wired City.

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Project Natal – Meeting Milo


Meeting Milo

Serious groundbreaking technology here. I have always said that motion controls for gaming, no matter what tech you used to derive your motion control, was a complete dead end for gaming, unless someone developed a revolutionary method to make it essential for gaming.

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Feel and Act Younger, Live Longer

Feel and Act Younger, Live Longer 

After tracking 516 men and women ages 70 and over over a six-year period, the results of the Berlin Aging Study will soon be published in the Journal of Gerontology: Psychological Science. The study was conducted by the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin and the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research.

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IBM Unveils Innovations That Will Change Our Lives In The Next Five Years


Unveiled today, the third annual “IBM Next Five in Five” is a list of innovations that have the potential to change the way people work, live and play over the next five years.

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Live Longer With Laughter


Laugh and live longer

Have you laughed today? Good thing if you have because most people take life too

But those who laugh are healthier because laughing helps them loosen up. Though it causes the pulse initially to quicken, it slows down considerably, so that blood pressure sinks.

“The skeletal muscles relax and the overall result is better circulation to the muscles,” said psychologist Michael Titze, chairman of an association called HumourCare in Tuttlingen, Germany, and a researcher into laughter.

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Envysion: Innovator In Web-Based Video Management

Envysion:  Innovator In Web-Based Video Management

Featured Invention at the Colorado Inventor Showcase

Envysion is an innovator in web-based video management that is redefining video surveillance. The company is driving the development of Managed Video as a Service (MVaaS), which builds on the concept of the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. With the MVaaS platform, Envysion centrally manages software upgrades and version control and addresses the scaling challenges of managing distributed video systems across multiple locations.

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Wash Your Hands And Live



Washing Your Hands Can Save Your Life

The simple act of washing hands could save thousands of children’s lives every day, mostly in Asia and Africa, the United Nations said on Tuesday, the eve of the first Global Hand-Washing Day.

An estimated 5000 children die daily from diarrhoea, but half of those deaths could be prevented if they washed their hands with soap before meals and after going to the toilet, UNICEF spokesperson Veronique Taveau said.

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iStan: Medical Dummy Mimics Live Patient

iStan: Medical Dummy Mimics Live Patient 

 iStan Medical Dummy

If your knowledge of America’s medical training technology is comprised only of that disembodied torso of a dummy you practiced CPR on back in high school, you might think that we’re a little behind other nations, such as Japan and its high-tech professional toys. Not so, however – just take a look at the iStan. When a firefighter or medical professional reaches you during an emergency, advanced dummies like the iStan make sure they won’t be practicing on you. They’ll already know what to do.

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