QA – Sleek Telepresence Robot By Anybots

QA - Sleek Telepresence Robot By Anybots 

QA by Anybots 

The folks over at Anybots have a telepresence robot that’s impressive inside and out. Called QA, the ‘bot has an attractively slim Apple-white exterior with big ‘n’ soft blue eyes, and its functionality doesn’t suffer for its good looks. It can cruise along on its wheels at up to six miles per hour and, if anything tries to knock it over, it can quickly right itself as it glides along.

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Toyota’s New Winglet in Action


 Toyota unveiled the Winglet.

Winglet is a “Personal Transport Assistants” similar to the Segway, balance on two wheels using internal sensors and gyroscopes to stay upright.  The Winglet comes in three sizes, consists of the large (L), medium (M) and small (S) versions, the latter two of which don’t have handlebars and instead are gripped by the calves. Winglet’s body has a 10.4 x 18-inch footprint and stands 1.5-, 2.2-, or 3.7-feet tall (depending upon the S, M, or L model chosen).  More videos after the jump.


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