Working For Google Has It’s Advantages

Working For Google Has It’s Advantages 

 Moving around: A slide allows quick access from different floors: Google’s ‘sliding’ market share!

Google is famous for providing it’s workforce with a wide variety of amenities to it’s workforce in order to bring in talented employees and keep them working harder and longer.  Google innovations keep office work from being drab & boring. (Pics)

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Pedispa – Multifunction Massage Chair



The last thing I would want in my living room is another family member stewing their bare feet in a bowl of warm water, but that’s the idea behind the Red Pedispa from T4. Still, combining a multifunction massage chair with a foot spa does sound like a pretty decadent way to relax after a hard day pounding the pavement.

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Unruly Children To Be Punished With ‘Innovative’ Foot Massages


Bad Attitudes Get a Good Foot Bending

Badly behaved schoolchildren are set to face alternative punishment in the form of foot and head messages as a means of controlling bad behaviour. A London-run company called Bud-Umbrella will work in 60 primary and 14 secondary schools, offering the alternative therapy to improve unruly children’s behaviour.

Lambeth Council in south London is to reportedly spend £90,000 next year sending the reflexologists into the schools – despite the fact there is little evidence such treatment improves behaviour.

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South Korean Court Upholds That Only Blind Can Be Masseurs


At Least They Are Golden

South Korea’s Constitutional Court ruled yesterday that only the visually impaired can be licensed masseurs in the country, upholding a law set up a century ago despite arguments it infringed on free employment rights.

The law was established in 1912 when Korea was under Japanese colonial rule to help guarantee the blind a livelihood, according the to the Korean Association of Masseurs, which now has about 7,100 visually impaired people as members.

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Sonic Lounger: Massages And Resonates The Entire Body


Sonic Lounger

How do you like to relax? If you like to relax by curling up on the couch, wrapped in a blanket wearing sweatpants, you’re clearly poor and stupid. That’s not how to relax! You need to relax by strapping yourself into a $9,000 device that looks like an alien surgery table! That’s how rich people, better people relax.

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