30 Marvelous Motorcycles

motorcycle gunbus

Finally a Motorcycle for the rest of us!

Now That’s Nifty has a gallery of thirty unusual motorcycles, including those converted into campers, limos, and tracked vehicles. Among them is the massive Leonhardt Gunbus, which is powered by a massive 410 cubic inch engine:

When it comes to custom motorcycle builders, there’s crazy and there’s really crazy. Falling into the latter category is one Mr. Clemens F. Leonhardt, who has just finished building what he refers to as “the world’s biggest motorcycle.” Excluding some other crazy creations, such as the Monster Bike, the guy’s got a point. Unlike other two-wheeled behemoths, the Leonhardt Gunbus is actually ready to ride on normal roads and will soon go into series production… (Pics)

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Facebook Soon To Be Worth Over $1 Billion A Year According To New Figures From Inside Facebook


Facebook is set to be worth over $1 billion a year, according to new figures that estimate projected revenue for the social networking site.

Facebook is set to break the billion dollars of revenue mark by the end of 2010, according to Inside Facebook’s new figures.

Tending virtual farms

Facebook has over 400 million users, many of whom spend an inordinate amount of time poking their online mates and tending to their virtual farms.

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Man With ‘World’s Longest Hair’ Dies In Vietnam

Tran Van Hay

A man who may have had the longest hair in the world has died at his home in Vietnam, it has been reported.

Tran Van Hay is thought to have had hair up to 6.8 metres long, although it had never been officially measured for a record attempt. It stretched in a thick, matted cord around his body, resembling a massive furry boa constrictor.

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China’s Massive $586 Billion Stimulus Plan

 China’s Massive $586 Billion Stimulus Plan

The world’s largest inflation cycle is about to begin

China on Sunday night announced an aggressive $586 billion economic stimulus package, the largest in the country’s history, at a time when it is struggling with increasing social unrest due to factory closings and rising unemployment.

In a wide-ranging plan that economists are comparing to the New Deal, the government said it would ease credit restrictions, expand social welfare services and launch an infrastructure spending program that would include the construction of new railways, roads and airports.

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