Winners of DawnTown Announced – Miami’s Design Competition For The Metromover

dawn town

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With this year’s Art Basel/Design Miami in the can, you’d think Miami would quietly sink into the shadows, away from the international design spotlight. Not so fast. A new architecture competition recently announced its winners, bringing global attention to the city’s built environment for the third year. The annual contest, named DawnTown focused this year on a new downtown station design for Metromover, Miami’s elevated transit system.


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Hurricane Simulators


Hurricane simulator – University of Florida

Essentially, this is a portable wind tunnel with water. They move it in front of a house and test whether the house is strong enough to withstand the force of a hurricane. More videos after the jump.


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Extreme Surgery

 extreme surgery

Dr Tomoaki Kato had to remove a lot more than a cancerous tumor during an unprecedented operation on a 63-year-old Florida woman earlier this month.

To get to the tumor, which was buried deep in Brooke Zepp’s abdomen and threatened to kill her within months, the organ transplant specialist said he first had to remove her stomach, pancreas, spleen, liver and small and large intestines.

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