Qnuru’s Solar Landscape Redefines LEDs


The outdoor Cumuli cable-suspended lamp has solar panels above and LEDs below. 

OK, I can admit it – I was one of those people that a few years ago ran out and bought those generic-looking solar garden path lamps and strung them all along the walkways up to my front door. Subsequently I was hugely disappointed that the lamps’ weak pale glow wasn’t enough to keep people from tripping over them and falling into the flower beds. Since then, solar LED lighting, especially for commercial applications, has taken huge leaps in beauty and functionality, and newcomer Qnuru’s designs – by sculptor Tom Joyce – reflect the advances.

Solar LEDs growing up
Qnuru (pronounced Kuh-Noo-Roo) is a family of solar LED lights using granite, forged and cast iron, and aluminum in different shapes together with solar cells, LEDs and microprocessor controllers….

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