Robots Designed To Save Lives Of Construction Workers

Robots Designed To Save Lives Of Construction Workers 

Modern robots are designed to ensure that most tasks are made easy, comfortable and safe for us. The most important aspect of using robotics lies in fields which present extreme danger to human life or in cases where our organic body can no longer withstand the crushing forces of the elements around. It for this reason that fields like marine biology and cosmology working in extreme environments depend heavily on modern robotics. With the construction industry literally reaching whole new heights, robotics is entering the new field to save lives of construction workers who indulge in dangerous tasks at precariously high altitudes.

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Nanonets Could Convert Sunlight Into Hydrogen

Nanonets Could Convert Sunlight Into Hydrogen

The top image shows a nanonet magnified 50,000 times. At bottom, a
flexible nanonet rolls up when poked by the tip of a scanning tunneling microscope.

One problem with solar cells is that they only produce electricity during the day. A promising way to use the sun’s energy more efficiently is to enlist it to split water into hydrogen gas that can be stored and then employed at any time, day or night. A cheap new nanostructured material could prove an efficient catalyst for performing this reaction. Called a nanonet because of its two-dimensional branching structure, the material is made up of a compound that has been demonstrated to enable the water-splitting reaction. Because of its high surface area, the nanonet enhances this reaction.

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Graphene – World’s Strongest Known Material

Strongest Known Material


Graphene, praised for its electrical properties, has been proven the strongest known material.

Materials scientists have been singing graphene’s praises since it was first isolated in 2005. The one-atom-thick sheets of carbon conduct electrons better than silicon and have been made into fast, low-power transistors. Now, for the first time, researchers have measured the intrinsic strength of graphene, and they’ve confirmed it to be the strongest material ever tested. The finding provides good evidence that graphene transistors could take the heat in future ultrafast microprocessors.

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