Rapid Growth of Militia Fueled by Politics

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Southeast Michigan Volunteer Militia member looks through the scope of his rifle during a militia “survival in the wilderness” training event

Three times a week, Mike Lackomar climbs into his truck and drives the same delivery route through the suburbs of Detroit.  Lackomar is an independent contractor for a private parcel company. If you live northwest of this battered city and you recently purchased something from a home shopping network, there’s a good chance the 36-year-old handled your package.


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Bullet Proof Polo Shirt

Bullet Proof Polo Shirt 

 Caballero’s Bullet Proof Polo Shirt

Tantalizingly made for security-seeking wealthy folks, this anti-ballistic polo shirt takes safety to an altogether new level! With many wealthy people normally on the hit-lists of gruesome militias, this polo shirt from Caballero is something which just ups the security factor.

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