Pool Played with Bowling Balls

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Ready for some Knokkers?

Steve Wienecke of Fredericktown, Missouri invented a game that he calls “Knokkers”. It’s similar to pool, but played on a surface scaled four times larger than a regulation pool table and with six-pound bowling balls. Wienecke hopes to one day see Knokkers platforms on cruise ships and in amusement parks and restaurants…

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First Town In US To Become 100% Wind Powered

 First Town In US To Become 100% Wind Powered

The $90 million Loess Hills Wind Farm

Rock Port Missouri, population 1,300, is the first 100% wind powered city in the US. Loess Hill Wind Farm, with four 1.25-MW wind turbines, is estimated to generate 16 gigawatt hours (16 million kilowatt hours) of electricity annually. 13 gigawatts hours of electricity have historically been consumed annually by the residents and businesses of this town.

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