Malaria Mosquitoes Evolving Into New Species


A mosquito feeding

Two strains of the type of mosquito responsible for the majority of malaria transmission in Africa have evolved such substantial genetic differences that they are becoming different species, according to researchers behind two new studies published today in the journal Science.


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Woman Kills Over 4 Million Mosquitoes, Wins a Prize


Little Blood Sucker in action

If mosquitoes have nightmares, odds are Huang Yuyen will be making an appearance in them. Yuyen, a pig farmer from Taiwan, may soon find a place in the record books for killing the most winged-bloodsuckers in a month — over 4 million of them, in fact. The insect slaughter was part of a contest held by a company that makes bug-catchers, which awarded Yuyen around $3,000 for her 3 lbs, 5 ounces worth of mosquito carcasses.

According to the Liberty Times, Yuyen beat out 72 other mosquito-catching participants quite handily — her closest competitor nabbed less than half of her estimated 4 million bugs!!!

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The Genetically Engineered Malaria-Proof Mosquito

GM Mosquito 543
The scientists tagged the gene with a fluorescent marker to ensure it had been inserted.
Scientists in the US have succeeded in genetically engineering a malaria-resistant mosquito.

The researchers, from the University of Arizona, introduced a gene that affected the insect’s gut, meaning the malaria parasite could not develop.

They report the advance, which also reduced the insects’ lifespan, in the journal PLoS Pathogens.

They say that the ultimate goal is to introduce malaria-resistant mosquitoes into the environment…

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Cryosat-2 Satellite to Hunt Mosquitoes from Space



The Cryosat-2 is a satellite launched by the European Space Agency to study the state of polar ice with cutting edge tech. But what’s to be done with such a satellite’s advanced radar altimeter and data collection capabilities when it’s not over the poles? You use it to hunt mosquitoes from space, of course.


Age Prediction Machine Helps You Figure Out Date’s Age Using Mosquito Noises

age_prediction_machine 111
Bzzz! The Age Prediction Machine tests your date’s true age using high-pitched mosquito-like noises.
Ever wonder how old your blind date was?

Fear not, folks in Japan have created a device to help answer that question.

The pocket-sized device, aptly called the “Age Prediction Machine,” emits high-frequency buzzing noises that are meant to help users determine someone’s age based on how well they can hear it.

The noise levels are broken down by age range: teens, 20s, 30s and 40-plus. People 25 and under will respond to the quieter settings, while those over 40 will only be able to hear the loudest.

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Design For New Needle Based On Mosquito


Mosquito Power!

A new, completely painless, hypodermic microneedle has been developed by engineers in India and Japan. The unique micro-electro-mechanical based suction system has a design that is based on the female mosquito.

The system uses a sucking motion to draw up blood, similar to the ritual of a mosquito. The needle could be used for various procedures such as drawing blood, injecting drugs and monitoring glucose levels for diabetics.
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